New Editors

We are delighted to announce five new members of the Gotham editorial board. Since the blog launched two years ago (nearly one decade after the Blotter, its semi-regular predecessor, began), we've seen very healthy growth, steadily ticking upwards each month. In our personal travels and conversation, we've also been continually delighted to learn about our readers — a fine, discriminating lot.

Gotham introduced a variety of new material which the Blotter had not covered, including original work by independent and professional scholars and reviews of many interesting books the Gotham Center could not spotlight in its public events. But we are eager to diversify our content much further. Like our sponsor, The City University of New York, we have a strong civic mission: not just to advance research and provide scholarly forums of debate and exchange, but to make that knowledge accessible, and useful, to all. History matters. It is not, as they say, "academic." And it is not simply for academics.

With that in mind, we are eager to increase our coverage in various areas, to discuss New York City history everywhere one finds it: not just in higher education, but in the "public square" (or, squares), where most learn about it. That means schools, museums, libraries, journalism, tourism, the arts... you name it. It also means providing an historical perspective on contemporary debates. If you have a subject you would like to discuss or see explored, please write us. With this expansion, nearly doubling the size of our team, we are looking to increase not just the chronological and thematic diversity of scholarship featured on Gotham, but the way New York City history is represented, taught, and experienced in our lives, and the perennial question of why it matters. We invite you to the conversation.

Click here to learn more about our new editors: Kelly Morgan, Andrea Mosterman, Kate Papacosma, David K. Thomson, and Molly Rosner.

Theoren HylandComment