New Books in NYC History


A podcast featuring scholars in conversation About recent books of
New York City history

with the
New Books Network


Vincent DiGirolamo talks about the young boys who served as the backbone of newspaper labor in NYC and beyond for much of American history


Jeanne Theoharis talks about Jim Crow in NYC, and her new volume on segregation in the North, co-edited with Brian Purnell


Lisandro Pérez talks about how NYC became the headquarters of Cuban émigré life in America, until the Miami Exodus of 1960 — from wealthy sugar plantation owners to working-class cigar makers and leaders of the fight against Spanish colonialism


Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis talks about the Greco-Roman influence of buildings, monuments and public spaces in NYC, and her new volume, co-edited by

Matthew McGowan


Clarence Taylor, dean of the history of the civil rights movement in NYC, looks at black resistance to police brutality and efforts to hold the NYPD accountable since the late 1930s