Blog Submissions Guide

Submission Guide

Can I write for Gotham?
Like our sponsor, The CUNY Graduate Center, we have a public mission that we take seriously. Our goal is to provide a digital space for scholars of New York City History, meaning professors, archivists, curators, students, public history professionals, independent historians, activists, artists, and community stakeholders. We are based out of a university but we seek to make research about the city’s past accessible to everyone, in the belief that history matters in everyone's life. We invite you to join us in carrying out that mission.

So what are you looking for, exactly?
We publish shortform original research, excerpted articles, conference papers, book reviews, interviews, exhibition reviews, discussions of New York City design, architecture, politics, and policy. We also consider "state of the field" essays about historiographical trends in New York City scholarship, and analysis of New York in pop culture, media, and public memory. We're also open to other ideas and formats — feel free to get in touch with us if you have an idea!

Please do not send work that isn't about New York City, work (aside from new book excerpts) that has already been published, work that is purely descriptive or technical without analysis, or work that is vituperative.

Is Gotham peer-reviewed?
We do not have formal peer-review like academic journals. Editors in your subject area will review your work for understanding of the literature and strength of argument. But ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of your post lies with you.

How do I submit?
Write to us at Describe your idea in about 250 words and provide a brief bio of yourself.

How long should / can a post be?
Post lengths vary, though we typically aim for 1,000-2,500 words. We strongly encourage anyone submitting a guest post to read the blog to get a sense of its tone and content.

Any particular style?
Our data suggests that Gotham has a broad, popular audience. Historians will likely view your post as well. But for sake of clarity and impact we encourage a punchier, jargon-free style.

If you're submitting original research, include footnotes with your submission. We also prefer every post to contain at least a few images — please attach these, cited and captioned, with your submission.

I’m a publisher. How do I suggest reviews or excerpts?
We make regular surveys of new publications to stay atop the field. But we ask trade and university presses to inform us about recent or forthcoming titles we might consider for reviews, excerpts, and other Gotham Center programming.

Other questions?
Contact us at