Why Teach NYC History?

Why Teach
New York City History?

Hear Mike Wallace’s answer

“Since its seventeenth century inception, Gotham has been increasingly crucial to the country’s economy, society, politics and culture, whether in its experiencing of common trends — democratization, immigration, industrialization, social movements, consumerism, corporatization, globalization — or in its serving as critical portal to the planet, funneling capital, labor, commodities, and ideas from the wider world to the developing continent. It is these interlinks that make New York City such a superb vantage point from which from which to examine the American experience.

There is not a single major chapter in U.S. history that cannot profitably be illuminated by exploring how it unfolded in Gotham, and how its outcome here shaped the contours of the larger national experience. And that’s what we’re doing with our Gotham Education programs: demonstrating how the study of New York City’s history can help students make sense of the history of America.”