Festival 2

Gotham History Festival


  NYC history festival
Day Two


Community Organizing for School Reform:
The Question of Parent Agency Past and Present (Roundtable)

Adina Back, Institute for Education and Social Policy, New York University

William W. Cutler III, History and Educational Leadership, Temple University

Norm Fruchter, Institute for Education and Social Policy, New York University

Hollyce C. Giles, School of Education, Brooklyn College; Institute for Education and Social Policy, New York University

Eva Gold, Research for Action

Elaine L. Simon, Urban Studies Program, University of Pennsylvania; Research for Action

Eric Zachary, Community Involvement Program, Institute for Education and Social Policy



New York Newspapers and the Evolution of Baseball:
Henry Chadwick and the Development of Sports Journalism 1856-1890

Andrew Schiff, St. Francis College


The History of Slavery in New York City (Roundtable)

Roundtable organized by Brooklyn Historical Society

Graham R. Hodges, History, Colgate University

Shane White, History, University of Sydney, Australia

Leslie Harris, History, Emory University

Carla Peterson, Africa and the Americas Committee, University of Maryland

Leslie Alexander, History, Ohio State University

Ira Berlin, History, University of Maryland


Illustrating the City: Artists and Everyday Life in New York (Roundtable)


Joshua Brown, American Social History Project, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Rebecca Zurier, History of Art, and Program in American Culture, University of Michigan

Ben Katchor, Cartoonist

Peter Kuper, Cartoonist

Like Strangers: Blacks, Whites and New York City's Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis

The Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis: New York's Antigone

Jerald Podair, History, Lawrence University

Ocean Hill-Brownsville: Voices From the Past
John Rudolph, WNYC

Ocean Hill-Brownsville and the UFT
Jack Schierenbeck, United Federation of Teachers

Ocean Hill-Brownsville: The Community's View

Ronald Evans, formerly of Intermediate School 201



Radical Writers in New York City: From the New Masses to Norman Mailer

The Strange Case of Carlos Tresca
Dorothy Gallagher, Author, All the Right Enemies: The Life and Murder of Carlos Tresca and How I Came into My Inheritance And Other True Stories

Alan Brinkley, History, Columbia University

Communist Writers of the 1930s and 1940s
Sam Tanenhaus, Author, Whittaker Chambers

Kazin to Mailer
Paul Berman, Author, A Tale of Two Utopias: The Political Journey of the Generation of 1968

New York/Utopia: The Labor Cooperative Housing Movement, 1919-1972
Part II: A City of Cooperatives

Panel organized by the Museum of the City of New York

Built by Idealism: Abraham E. Kazan and the UHF Approach
Ken Wray, United Housing Foundation

City of Labor: Architect Herman Jessor and the Cooperative Housing Movement
Tony Schuman, Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Building on New York City's Inheritance
Peter Marcuse, Urban Planning, Columbia University

Hilary Botein, Urban Planning, Columbia University

Joshua Freeman, History, Queens College, City University of New York

Picturing New York: Bird's Eye Views of New York and Images of Washington Square


Homage to the Square: Picturing Washington Square, 1850-1965
Bruce Weber, Berry-Hill Galleries, New York

"A sense, through the eyes, of embracing possession" (Henry James): Bird's Eye Views of New York City, c. 1880s-1930s
Douglas Tallack, School of American and Canadian Studies, University of Nottingham, UK

Donald Gerardi, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

What Vodou in Brooklyn Can Teach Us About Religion in New York City
Karen McCarthy Brown, Drew University

Three Reasons Why Religion Prospered in Modern New York and Failed in Urban Europe
Jon Butler, Yale University

Religion in the Making of New York's Topography
Robert Orsi, Harvard University

The Surprise of Religion in Modern New York History

New York and the Culture of Silent Film


Coney Island and the Evolution of Film Culture in New York City
Brian Gallagher, English, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York

New York City as Playground of Modernity in Silent Comedy
Kevin Hagopian, Penn State University

Charles Musser, Film Studies and American Studies, Yale University

The Garment Workers' New York:
Immigrant Workers and Progressive Era Reform

New York City and the Invention of Modern Labor Relations

Richard Greenwald, History, United States Merchant Marine Academy

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911
Robert Whalen, History, Queens College (Charlotte, NC)

Nelson Rockefeller, Edward Logue, and the Politics of Urban Development


Rockefeller's Vietnam? Black Politics and Urban Development in Harlem, 1969-1974
Peter Siskind, History, University of Pennsylvania

Edward J. Logue, the New York State Urban Development Corporation and New York City
Ivan Steen, Oral History Program, State University of New York, Albany

George Lankevich, History, City University of New York


Dvorak and the Gilded Age: Issues of Race and Cultural Identity

Joseph Horowitz, Independent Scholar; Eastman School of Music

African-American Women's Struggles and Resistance in the 19th and 20th Centuries

African-American Women and the New York City Draft Riot, 1863

Jane Dabel, History, California State University, Long Beach

Rose Schneiderman and the Struggle to Unionize African-American Laundry Workers in New York City, 1924-1927
John McGuire, History, State University of New York, Binghamton


Election Fraud, Vice, Murder, Police:
How New York's Underside Shaped 20th Century American Politics and Culture

Mysteries of the City: The Lexow Committee and New York's Underside in Turn of the Century America
Daniel Czitrom, History, Mount Holyoke College

The Becker Case Again: A Murder Scandal as a Political Movement in Progressive Era New York
Allen Steinberg, History, University of Iowa

New York's Lost Children: Foundlings and Foster Care in Historical Perspective

Henry Foundling and His Friends: Abandoned Babies in 19th Century New York City
Julie Miller, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Where Have All the Foundlings Gone? The Politics of Race, Religion and Money in New York City's Child Welfare System
Nina Bernstein, New York Times; Author, The Lost Children of Wilder: The Epic Struggle to Change Foster Care

Virginia Metaxas, History and Women's Studies, Connecticut State University


Gotham's Garbage: The Free Market and the Hidden Costs of Turning Trash Into Cash


Power Flow: Organized Crime, Environmental Activism, and the Privatization of New York City's Solid Waste System, 1947-2001
Steven Corey, Urban Studies, Worcester State College

Under the Microscope: Why Hospital Waste is Gotham's Most Thoroughly Studied Garbage
Wally Jordon, New York City Medical Waste Management Study

The Garbage Behind, the Garbage Ahead
Benjamin Miller, Policy Planning for the New York City Department of Sanitation and author, Fat of the Land

Jimmy Breslin, syndicated columnist, New York Newsday

New York City Nisei and World War II (Roundtable)

Paul Mattingly, Public History, New York University

David M. Reimers, History, New York University

Daniel Inoyue, New York University

Suki Ports, filmmaker

John Kuo Wei Tchen, Gallatin, New York University

S.O.S. New York: A History of the City's Environmental Movement Since 1970

Jim Tripp, Environmental Defense Fund

Barry Commoner, Environmentalist

Eric Goldstein, National Resources Defense Council

Mathew Gandy, Geography, University College, London

Vernice Miller, Ford Foundation

In the South Bronx of America: Guarding Memory

Mel Rosenthal, Art, State University of New York, Empire State College

Shelley Rice, Art Historian, New York University; School of Visual Arts


Puerto Rican/Latino New York: Resistance, Perseverance and Expression in the Decade of the 1970s


Organized by the Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Department, Brooklyn College

Virginia Sanchez-Korrol, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Puerto Rican/Latino New York: Historical Perspectives
Gabriel Haslip-Viera, City College, City University of New York

The Empire Strikes Back: How Rebellion, Reform and Return Migration Transformed the New York Political Landscape
Juan Gonzalez, Brooklyn College, City University of New York; The New York Daily News

Literary Latinidad: Nueva York in the 1970s
Daisy Cocco de Fillipis, York College, City University of New York

Puerto Rican Migration and Communtiy at Mid-Century
Nilsa Olivero, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Juan Flores, Hunter College and Graduate Center, City University of New York

Culture and Subculture: Homosexuality and the Arts in New York

Queer Politics: Images of Gay Liberation in New York, 1969-1970
Ella Howard, History, Boston University

From Bethesda Fountain to Sheridan Square: Gays and Lesbians in New York's Visual Arts
James Saslow, Art, Queens College

Molly McGarry, History, University of California, Riverside



Madison Square: A Case Study in the Dynamics of Urban Public Space

Picturing Public Space: Photography and the Towers of Madison Square
Antonello Frongia, History of Architecture and Urbanism Program, Cornell University

"Dead Lay the City": Real Estate, Architectural Obsolescence, and the Ruins of New York
Nick Yablon, University of Chicago

Met Life's Metropolis
Roberta Moudry, College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Cornell University

Issues in the History of Public Health in New York City

The Living City: Making the Past Speak to the Present
Amy Fairchild, Columbia University

Martina Lynch, Columbia University

Elizabeth Robilotti, Columbia University

The Biography of Physicians and AIDS in New York: An Oral History

Ronald Bayer, Columbia University

Gerald Oppenheimer, Brooklyn College, City University of New York; Columbia University

Lead's Legacy: Dangerous Lives, Deceitful Industries
Gerald Markowitz, John Jay College and Graduate Center, City University of New York

Visualizing Early National and Antebellum New York: Black and White Republicanism

Chair and Comment
Carl E. Prince, History, New York University

Seeing the Republican City: A Visual Approach to New York in the New Nation
Howard B. Rock, History, Florida International University

David Ruggles: Black Apostle of Freedom in Antebellum New York City
Graham Hodges, History, Colgate University

Gotham City, Gotham State: Rivals and Suitors

Chair and Comment
Peter Eidenstadt, The Encyclopedia of New York State

The Encyclopedia of New York State: Putting the State Back in the City
Peter Eisenstadt

Upstate New York as a Factor in the Rise of New York City: 1780-1950
Tod M. Ottman, Independent Scholar

Japanese Americans in NYC and NYS, 1940-1960
Greg Robinson, History, University of Quebec at Montreal

The Upstate/Downstate Divide in Recent NYS Politics: Some Personal Observations
Edward C. Sullivan, New York State Assembly


Organized Labor and Organized Crime: Cleaning House in the Building Service Employees' Union

How Labor Racketeers Helped Build a Union
Daniel Wilk, History, Duke University

The Columnist and the Labor Racketeer: Westbrook Pegler's Unmasking of George Scalise
David Witwer, History, Lycoming College

Carl Biers, Association for Union Democracy

Andrew Wender Cohen, History, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Redefining the Roles of Women in the New York City Justice System

Administrative Wrangling: The Gender Politics of Police Commissioner Ellen O'Grady
Mary Jane Aldrich-Moodie, History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

A Precinct of Their Own: The New York Police Department's Women's Precinct, 1921-1923
Dorothy Moses Schulz, Law, Police Science & Criminal Justice Administration, John Jay College, City University of New York

Strategy and Politics in the New York Campaign for Women's Jury Service: 1917-1975
Elisabeth I. Perry, History and American Studies, St. Louis University

Rosalind Rosenberg, History, Barnard College


Building, Destruction, and Re-building: The Bronx in the 20th Century

Panel Organized by the Bronx County Historical Society

Roger Wines, History, Fordham University

City Beautiful Planning in the South Bronx: From Triumph to Frustration, 1880-1940
Ray Bromley, Planning, Geography and Latin American Studies, State University of New York, Albany

Kelly Street: Life and Times of a South Bronx Neighborhood
Emanuel Tobier, Economics and Planning, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University

Morris High School and the Creation of the New York City Public High School System
Gary Hermalyn, Bronx County Historical Society

From Burning to Building: The Revival of the South Bronx, 1970-1999
James Wunsch, Historical Studies, State University of New York, Empire State College

Writing About Race, New York, 1800-1865

The 1741 "Negro Plot" Through 19th Century Historians' Eyes
Jennifer Steenshorne, History, University of California, Irvine

"Miscegenation in Earnest": Race and Sex in Presidential Politics, 1864
Debra Jackson, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Craig Wilder, History and African American Studies, Williams College

New Amsterdam/New York City as a 17th Century Atlantic Crossroads

Chair and Comment
Karen Ordahl Kupperman, History, New York University

In Pursuit of Profit: The Netherlands Trade in Colonial New York, 1664-1688
Christian Koot, History, University of Delaware

New Amsterdam
James Williams, History, Middle Tennessee State University