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Edgar Allen Poe Cottage
This small cottage, where, from 1846-49 Poe wrote "Annabel Lee" and "Eureka" among other works, was the last home of the poet. It is typical of the kinds of workmen's houses that used to dominate the Bronx and has been open as a museum since 1917. Tour includes 20 min. video on Poe's life and times in 1840s New York.

Built in 1887, this first major synagogue of Eastern European Jews is slowly being restored and encouraging vestiges of its former grandeur are already in view.

First Roumanian American Congregation
This red brick former Methodist church was built in 1850. It is known as "the Cantor's Carnegie Hall" because opera stars Jan Peerce, Richard Tucker and others launched their careers here.

Fraunces Tavern Museum
Housed in the building where George Washington said farewell to his officers at the close of the American Revolution, Fraunces Tavern Museum places particular emphasis on the history of the tavern and Lower Manhattan during the Revolutionary War period. Fraunces Tavern was built in 1719 as an elegant residence for the merchant Stephan Delancey and his family. In 1762, the home was purchased by tavern-keeper Samuel Fraunces, who turned it into one of the most popular taverns of the da...

Friends Meeting House
Now (and in the 19th century) a Quaker meeting house, this landmark building used to shelter escaped slaves as part of New York's underground railroad.

Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
Imagine Giuseppe Garibaldi, "the legendary hero of two worlds," noted for his liberation efforts in South America and his unification of Italy, and the Florentine-born engineer and inventor Antonio Meucci, actually talking over the telephone in 1850 in a quaint home in Staten Island. This remarkable moment, which unravels history, is commemorated in the very house in which Garibaldi and Meucci lived. Today the house is a National Landmark owned and administered by the Order Sons of Italy in...

General Theological Seminary
The Seminary campus, which occupies an entire city block called Chelsea Square, is an island of utter tranquility. Found here in a setting of lawn and trees U.S. Commissioned by the Seminary's third dean, Eugene Augustus Hoffman, and designed by Charles Coolidge Haight in the 1880s. The campus was inspired by the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge. Among its 19 buidlings are the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, a bell tower, St. Marks Library, the Dean's residence and a dormitory and classroom buildi...

Gracie Mansion
Gracie Mansion, located on the banks of the East River, was constructed in 1799 as the country house of Archibald Gracie, a Scottish shipping magnate. The elite of New York and the literati of the day were entertained in the Federal style mansion notable for its three-sided porch and the trellis railings that sweep around the house at the upper levels. Gracie Mansion was acquired by the City of New York in 1896, and since 1942 it has been the official residence of the City's mayors. Today, ten r...

Green-Wood Cemetery
Built in 1838 by order of the City of Brooklyn. First, the Green-Wood Cenmetery is a great example of 19th century landscape design. Second, its grounds are scattered with buildings in a host of architectural styles. Third, lots of famous people are buried here: Leonard Bernstein, Samuel F. B. Morse, Peter Cooper, Henry Ward Beecher, General Henry Halleck, Louis Comfort Tiffany, George Ebbets, to name a few. Art on the grounds is by, among others, George Bellows, Louis C. Tiffany, John Lafarge, ...

The Beaux Arts community center sits in a huge recreational park. Opening as a gymnasium in 1900, it imitated the plans for the Petit Palais in the Paris Exhibition of the same year.


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