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Opening the Way: A Women's History Walk
Women's eNews 6 Barclay Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10007
Opening the Way is a walking tour celebrating women's history in downtown Manhattan. It is a multifaceted new project developed by the award-winning nonprofit organization Women's eNews. The walk honors the achievements of women such as Margaret Sanger, who was indicted for providing information on birth control; Ida B. Wells, who came to New York after fighting for the right to report on lynching in Memphis; and Elizabeth Jennings, who brought a successful race discrimination lawsuit against NYC transit a century before Rosa Parks' historic action -- 21 women in all. On the walk, we find glimpses of three centuries of the work of these writers, agitators, abolitionists, suffragists, and those we now call activists, as well as three heroes who gave their lives of September 11, 2001. There are but a few actual buildings linked to these women. Yet, as you walk the streets, you will be able to absorb a sense of the world in which they worked and made themselves heard above the roar of the city.

Fees: Tours co-sponsored by the New York Historical Society are $10 for members, $20 for the general population. Please check the website for other tour dates as well.
Phone: 212-244-1720
Fax: 212-244-2320
Tour Staff: Betsy Wade and Jim Boylan are the authors and leaders of the tour.
Category: Walking Tours
Subject: Radicalism & Reform , Gender & Sexuality , Ideas & Ideologies
Time Period: All Time Periods

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