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New Amsterdam History Center
500 Fifth Ave Suite 1710 New York, New York 10110
Virtual New Amsterdam:

The primary purpose of the 3D modeling project is to spatialize and present information and theories about how New Amsterdam looked in the period of 1660 as the "capital" of New Netherland.

The spatialization and presentation involve two forms of communication:
knowledge that we have about the settlement will be used to reconstruct digitally how its topography, infrastructure, (streets, bridges, walls) and individual buildings and fort may have looked; and whenever possible, the sources of archaeological information and speculative reasoning behind the digital reconstruction will be made available.

Thus the virtual project, or digital model, will be a representation about the present state of knowledge about the settlement as we currently know it. Beyond this primary purpose, it can be used to teach students or the general public about how it looked. It can be used to collect data about the built form, the natural features and cultural phenomenon. Finally, a digital model can easily be updated with new information or archaeological discovery.

In addition, The NAHC will develop prototype products that include the following concepts:

Provide multi-disciplinary study and training in New Netherlandic History and related social studies, including the classroom use of historic artifacts and documents in teaching;

Integrate the use, into classroom teaching, of a high quality website and on-line learning methods that delivers primary sources to the classroom;

House a digital library of teaching resources, a bank of computers for teacher use, and a comfortable area for educators to participate in educational offerings and explore new resources with a community of learners;

Offer a variety of professional development programs necessary for teacher re-certification.

In addition to workshops the NAHC will provide consultations with "historians-in-residence" and assistance to teachers in their research.

Administrator: Courtney A. Haff, AICP, Ph.D.
Access: In Production
Phone: 212 233 1960
Category: Museum Collections
Subject: General NYC History , African-Americans , Ethnicity & Immigration
Time Period: Dutch , Indian , English to American Revolution

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