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Here I present web addresses for many of the organizations involved in the post-September 11 conversation, along with some of their posted publications which I found particularly useful. Specific web addresses for these reports and proposals may be found on the Gothsm Center's website,


Living Wage Resource Center

No Silver Bullet: A Call for Doing What Works (1999)

Alliance for the Arts

Alliance for Downtown New York

Alliance for Quality Education

Upstate, Downstate: Schools Throughout New York Will Benefit from School Funding Reform
(March 12, 2001)

Alliance for a Working Economy

Who Pays for the Arts? Income for the Nonprofit Cultural Industry in New York City (2001)

American Institute of Architects New York Chapter

American Planning Association's New York Metro Chapter

Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development

Asian American Federation of New York

Chinatown After September 11th: An Economic Impact Study (April 4, 2002)

Brennan Center for Justice

Making Every Dollar Count: A Targeted Proposal to Help Working New Yorkers While
Protecting the Budget

Brownfields Coalition

Building A Ladder

Building a Ladder to Jobs and Higher Wages : A Report by the Working Group on New York
City's Low-Wages Labor Market. (2001)


Center for Collaborative Education

Center for Excellence in New York City Governance

Center for the Study of Labor and Democracy

Center for an Urban Future

A Diverse Economy Will Get City Moving. (October 4, 2001)

Biotechnology: The Industry That Got Away. (October 15, 1999)

Economic Development After The World Trade Center Disaster: Next Steps for New Yorks'
Economy. (October 18, 2001)

Going on with the Show: Arts & Culture in New York City After Sept. 11 (November 19, 2001)

On a Wing and a Prayer : Highway Gridlock, Antiquated Cargo Facilities Keep New York's
Airports Grounded (January 23, 2001)

Payoffs for Layoffs. (February 10, 2001)

Reknitting the Safety Net

Retain, Rebuild and Revitalize: Planning Strategies for Manhattan and New York's Economy
(November 29, 2001)

Sudden Impact: Many of New York City's Vital Sectors Seriously Affected by September 11
Attack.(October 30, 2001)

The Big Squeeze (May 1 1999).

The CUNY Job Engine : The City University and Local Economic Renewal (September, 29, 1999)

The Future of the Tech Savvy City: How New York and other Cities Can Continue to Grow
Into High-Tech Hubs. (October 1, 2001)

The Sector Solution: Building a Broader Base for the New Economy (January 1, 2000)

Under the Mattress: Why NYC's Jobs System Remains a Work in Progress. (November 5,

Zones of Contention (2001)

Center for Urban Research, CUNY

Hollow in the Middle: The Rise and Fall of New York City's Middle Class

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Budget Cuts vs. Tax Increases at the State Level: Is One More Counter-Productive than the
Other During a Recession? by Peter Orszag and Joseph Stiglitz (November 6, 2001)

Tax Cuts Are Not Automatically The Best Stimulus, by Peter Orszag and Joseph Stiglitz
(November 27, 2001)

Where Has All the Surplus Gone? (November 14, 2001)

Century Foundation

Economic Impact of Terrorist Attack on New York City: A Fact Sheet

Citizen Action of New York

Capital Investments, Capital Returns: Corporate Tax Breaks and Campaign Contributions to
Governor Pataki and the New York State Legislature, 1999-2001

Education: Every Child Deserves A Quality Education (January, 2002)

Citizens Budget Commission

Managing The Budget in The Bloomberg Administration: A Background Paper Prepared for The Citizen Budget Commission Conference On "New York City's Changing Fiscal Outlook" (December, 2001)

New York's Competitiveness: A Scorecard for 13 U.S. Metropolitan Areas July 12, 2001

Citizens For Tax Justice

Most of Post-2002 Bush Tax Cuts Will Go to Top 1%

Citizens Housing & Planning Council

Citizens Union

City Project

Alterbudget Agenda FY2002: Visions For The Future.

No Sacred Cows or Sacrificial Lambs: Fiscal Year 2003. Preliminary Budget
Recommendations for a Livable New York. (March,2003)

The Giuliani Legacy: Wizard or Muggle?
A comprehensive review of the Rudy Giuliani years (December,2001)

Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York.

A Planning Framework to Rebuild Downtown New York (April 26, 2002)

Rebuilding Downtown New York: A "Map" of the Civic Planning Initiatives to Reconstruct Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center Site (December, 2001)

Columbia University Center for Urban Research and Policy

The Economic Rebuilding of New York City

Committee for Economic Development

Economic Policy in a New Environment: Five Principles

Community Service Society of New York

An Open Letter on the Minimum Wage To Governor Pataki and the New York State Senate
(June 8, 2001)

Back to Work: Addressing the needs of New York's working poor since September 11th

Disaster Relief Medicaid.(December, 2001)

Getting People Back To Work. (April, 2002)

Poverty in New York City, 2000: Hispanics Make Dramatic Gains, For Blacks It's Business As
Usual. (December, 13, 2001)

The Unfinished Business Of Welfare Reform: Fixing Government Policies That Exclude The
Working Poor From Benefits (November, 1999)

Who Needs A Living Wage? (April,2002)

Community Health Care Association of New York State

Community Voices Heard

Consortium for Worker Education

CWE/Central Labor Council AFL-CIO Response To World Trade Center Tragedy Establish
Emergency Clearinghouse for Temporary Jobs (December, 2001)

Jamaica One-Stop Center (December, 2001)

Programs & Populations Served (2001)

Empire State Transportation Alliance

Investing in New York's Transit Future (September 1999)

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Can New York City Bank on Wall Street? (July 1999)

Declining Manufacturing Employment in the New York-New Jersey Region: 1969-99 (January

New York City's New-Media Boom: Real or Virtual? (October 1998)

Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies

Falling Poverty, Falling Welfare. But There is Still a Social Problem (November 2000)

Fifth Avenue Committee

The Alliance for a Working Economy (2001)

Fiscal Policy Institute

Balancing New York State's 2002-0 Budget: The Economic Context (January 23, 2002)

Building a Ladder to Jobs and Higher Wages

New York and the Federal Fisc in the Aftermath of September 11th: The State and Local
Impacts of Federal Policy Options (January 23, 2002)

The Decade of Boom: A Bust for Most New York Workers and Their Families (September,

The State of Working New York 2001:Working Harder, Growing Apart.

World Trade Center Job Impacts Take a Heavy Toll on Low-Wage Workers (November 5,

Five Borough Institute

Food For Survival

A History of Fighting Hunger in NYC

Who Feeds The Hungry? Mapping New York City's Emergency Food Providers (2001)

Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at NYU

State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods (2001)

Garment Industry Development Corporation

Rebuilding the Apparel Industry in New York (2001)

Good Jobs New York

Development Subsidies in New York City: A Research Manual for Activists. (September, 2001)

Reconstruction Watch

Gotham Gazette

Group of 35

Group of 35 Final Report: Preparing for the Future of A Commercial Development Strategy for
New York City.

Healthcare Education Project

A Vision of Quality Health Care for All

Family Health Plus

Healthpac On Line

Mayor Giuliani Launches "Healthstat" Public Awareness Campaign (November, 2000)

Housing First

Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation of New York

J.M. Kaplan Fund

Labor Community Advocacy Network

To Rebuild New York (April 24, 2002)

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation

Making Wages Work

Metro New York Health Care for All

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance

Proposed Harbor Loop Ferry System For Upper New York Bay

Municipal Arts Society

Imagine New York: The People's Visions, A Summary Report

Museum of American Financial History

Always Another Trading Day: Endurance and Optimism in the culture of Wall Street-
Proceedings of the First Public Forum in Lower Manhattan Following the September 11, 2001
Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center. (November 15, 2001)

National Coalition on Health Care

A Perfect Storm: The Confluence of Forces Affecting Health Care Coverage

National Employment Law Project

Preparing for Recession in the States: Strengthen the Unemployment Insurance System

Statement of the National Employment Law Project to the New York City Council Hearing on
the Job Opportunity Program and the Transitional Jobs Program.

Transitional Jobs in New York City: The Law Behind the Programs

Neighborhood Coalition For Shelter

A Blueprint for Ending Homelessness in Ten Years

New Visions for Public Schools

New York Biotechnology Association

New York Building Congress

A Matter of Urgency: New York City's Electric Supply Needs

New York City Central Labor Council

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

From Bad to Worse: World Trade Center Attack Further Accelerates NYC Hunger Growth

Interfaith Voices Against Hunger's Campaign for Food, Jobs & Food Stamps (2001)

Poor in the land of Dollars: Hunger Rises Amid Prosperity (11/2000)

Previous City Hunger Increases Accelerated by September 11;
Food and Resource Gap Swells Numbers of "Turn Aways" (2001)

Who Feeds The Hungry? Mapping New York City's Emergency Food Providers (2001)

New York City Council

Hollow in the Middle: The Rise and Fall of New York City's Middle Class. (December, 1997)

New York City's Middle Class: The Need For A New Urban Agenda. (December, 1998)

New York City Department of Planning

Far West Midtown: A Framework for Development.(December, 2001)

New York City Economic Development Corporation

Cross Harbor Freight Movement Major Investment Study (May, 2000)

What is Digital NYC : Wired to the World?

New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

Environmental Impact 2000.

The Need for Green Cities (March, 2001)

New York City Independent Budget Office

Big City, Big Bucks: NYC's Changing Income Distribution (June 12, 2000)

Budget Options for New York City (April 23, 2002)

Full Disclosure? Assessing City Reporting on Business Retention Deals June 2001

Give 'Em Shelter: Various City Agencies Spend Over $900 million on Homeless Services
(March 7, 2002)

NYC Transit: Can It Stay on Fiscal Track? (April 24, 2001)

Reductions in the City's Hotel Occupancy Tax Rate: The Impact on Revenues (January,

Rising Homelessness Pushes Homeless Services Budget Higher ( December 13, 2001)

Tax Revenue Update: City Faces Significant Shortfalls from Adopted Budget (November,

The Municipal Workforce: Big As A Decade Ago, But Composition Has Changed (December
11, 2001)

New York City Investment Fund

New York City Office of the Comptroller

New York City Partnership and Chamber of Commerce

Unique Coalition Presents Bill to Reform State's Brownfields Cleanup, Confidence Growing for
a Brownfields Law in 2000 (January 25, 2000)

Working Together to Accelerate New York's Recovery.- Economic Impact Analysis of the
September 11th Attack on New York City. November, 2001.

New York City Transitional Employment Program

New York City Transitional Finance Authority

New York City Transitional Finance Authority Fiscal 2002 Series B Bonds Receive Strong
Investor Demand (October 31, 2001)

New York Electronic Commerce Association

New York Foundation for the Arts

A Cultural Blueprint for New York City

Culture Counts: Strategies for a More Vibrant Cultural Life for New York City (November 2001)

New York Immigration Coalition

New York Industrial Retention Network

The Garment Center: Still in Fashion. A Land Use Analysis of the Special Garment Center
District. (April, 2001)

The Little Manufacturer that Could: Opportunities and Challenges for Manufacturing in New York City

New York Lawyers for Public Interest

New York New Media Association

New York New Visions or

New York New Visions, Design and Planning Coalition: New York Architects,
Designers, Engineers and Planners Come Together for Lower Manhattan (November, 2001)

New York New Visions: Principles for the Rebuilding of Lower Manhattan
(February, 2002)

Possible Futures (2002)

New York PIRG Straphangers Campaign

New York Software Industry Assoc. Inc.

The Status of the software industry prior to September 11

New York State AFL-CIO

Contradictions Coming Home to Roost? Income Distribution and the return of
the Aggregate Demand Problem (July, 2001)

Rebuild New York: Eight Labor Ideas for New York's Economic Future (April

New York State Green Building Initiative

New York State Office of the Comptroller

New York City's Economic and Fiscal Dependence on Wall Street (August 13,

Running Out of Time: The Impact of Federal Welfare Reform (July 2001)

"The Impact of the September 11 WTC Attack on NYC's Economy and City
Revenues," prepared by Office of NYC Comptroller Alan Hevesi (October 4,

Nine Eleven History Dot Net

NYU Center for Excellence in New York City Governance

NYU Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems (ICIS)

NYU Law School Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development

CDBG 20 Years Later (June, 2001)

Making it in New York: New York City Manufacturing Land Use & Zoning
Initiative (June, 2001)

Statement of Principles for New York's Recovery (revised January, 2002)

Public/Private Ventures

Deepening Disparity : Income Inequality in New York City

Real Estate Board of New York

Rebuild Downtown Our Town

Interim White Paper Draft. (February 19, 2002)

Regional Plan Association

Executive Summary of A Region at Risk: The Third Regional Plan for the New
York-New Jersey-Connecticut Metropolitan Area


Re-Engineering The Region's Centers (2001)

Regional Express Rail (1996)

Regional Plan Association Proposes First Major Expansion of City's Rail
System in 60 Years

The Future of the Brooklyn Waterfront (Spring, 2001)

The Gowanus Elevated Expressway

Transformation in the Character of Urban Manufacturing in Milan & New York

Unclogging New York: A Blue Print for Better City Transportation

Responsible Wealth

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School

Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management

Supportive Housing Network of New York

Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation

Taub Urban Research Center

Mitchell L. Moss and Hugh O' Neill " Tunnel Vision: An Analysis of the Proposed
Tunnel and Deepwater Port in Brooklyn. November, 1998.

The Science of Location: Why the Wireless Development Community Needs
Geography, Urban Planning, and Architecture (2001)

Where are the Web Factories ? (February, 2001)

Transportation Alternatives

T.A. Develops Plan for New York's Transportation Future (Fall 2001)

United Hospital Fund

Universal Health Care Action Network

The Urban Institute

Jumpstarting the Economy (2001)

The U.S. Conference of Mayors