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Becoming a Sponsor

The numerous ongoing initiatives at the Gotham Center mean that, while we're growing and serving New York's historical community in myriad ways, we're also very dependent on the support of that community. If you or your organization would be interested in joining our current sponsors in tax-deductible giving to the Gotham Center, generally or to any specific project, please call Suzanne Wasserman at 212-817-8460, email or direct U.S. mail to The Gotham Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, Room 6103, NYC 10016.

The Gotham Center is a non-profit organization and functions under the 501-3c status held by the City University of New York.

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WTC Attack
Read papers that set the Twin Towers attack in historical perspective. Add your thoughts.

Giuliani Papers

All photography courtesy of the Old York Library

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