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Conference Papers 2001
(All files are in PDF format.)

Bethesda Fountain to Sheridan Square: Gays and Lesbians in New York's Visual Arts, 1900-1940
James M. Saslow

History and the Media
Barbara Abrash

The Port of New York in the Age of Global Intermodalism
Arthur Donovan

Community Organizing for School Reform: The Question of Parent Agency Past and Present
Eric Zachary and Shola Olatoye

The Garbage Behind, the Garbage Ahead
Benjamin Miller

New York City: 1945 - September 11, 2001 and Beyond
Frank Branconi

Coney Island and the Evolution of Film Culture in New York City
Brian Gallagher

Lost World of U.S. Labor Education: Curricula at East and West Coast Community Schools, 1944-1957
Marvin Gettleman

Reframing Local Environmental Conflict: Body, Place and Protest
Dolores Greenberg

Interview With Jim McKay, Creator of Our Song
(followed by a Review of the Film)
Interview conducted by Leonard Quart

New World Symphony: Dvorak in New York and Boston
Joseph Horowitz

The Water Supply of New York City
Gerard Koeppel

Containerization's First "Tipping Point": The Fall of the New York Port, 1965-1975
Stephen G. Marshall, Esq.

Rockefeller's Vietnam'?: Black Politics and Urban Development in Harlem, 1969-1974
Peter Siskind

The Ocean Hill-Brownsville Crisis: New York's Antigone
Jerald E. Podair

"Drive Awhile for Freedom": Brooklyn CORE and the 1964 World's Fair "Stall-In"
Brian J. Purnell

Life on the Farm - Excavating Kings County's Rural Past: the Hendrick I. Lott Farmstead Archaeological Project
Christopher Ricciardi

Mediating Change: Symbolic Politics and the Transformation of Times Square
Lynne B. Sagalyn

The Symbol and Reality of Finance
Rosemary Scanlon

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911:Tragedy and Meaning in Sweatshop New York
Robert W. Whalen

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