Conference panels: October 7, 2001
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  Session One 10:00 - 12:00 Session Two 1:30 - 3:30 Session Three 3:45 - 5:45
Auditorium  S.O.S. New York: A History of the City's Environmental Movement Since 1970 (RT)  New York City Journalism Since 1960 (RT)  Riot at the Opera House! A Documentary Theater Piece (PERFORMANCE) 
Recital Hall  Eleanor Roosevelt and New York City  A Screening of New York in the Fifties  Screening of Brownsville in Black and White 
Science Center  In the South Bronx of America: Guarding Memory: A Slide Presentation  Arab Americans in New York City: A Community of Many Worlds (RT)  New York Exposed: Photographs from the Daily News, 1920-1999 
Segal Theater  Puerto Rican / Latino New York: Resistance, Perseverance and Expression in the Decade of the Seventies  Archaeology in New York City  Finding History on the Streets of New York 
9102 - Skylight Room  The Fiscal Crisis of the 1970s  Between Memory and History: The Women's Movement in New York City, 1960s and 1970s (RT)  Reflections on the History of Philanthropy in New York City (RT) 
C 197  Organized Labor and Organized Crime: Cleaning House in the Building Service Employees' Union  Biography and History: Francis Cardinal Spellman's New York  Dealing with Death: Lynching, Capital Punishment and the NYC Museum Audience (RT) 
C 198  Madison Square: A Case Study in the Dynamics of Urban Public Space  Digital Gotham, From Barnum to Blackouts  African Burial Ground Project in New York City 
C 202/203  Culture and Subculture: Homosexuality and the Arts in New York  Gentrification in New York City Since the 1950's  Dance in the Age of Anxiety: Martha Graham, Anna Sokolow and George Balanchine 
C 201  Gotham City, Gotham State: Rivals and Suitors  When New York Was New Amsterdam: Some Myths and Misunderstandings About New Netherland  New York Radicalism: Views from Inside and Out, 1880-1920 
C 204  Issues in the History of Public Health in New York City  The Conservative Party and New York City Politics  Needle Trades: A Curse or a Blessing for Immigrants? (RT) 
C 205  Visualizing Early National and Ante-bellum New York: Black and White Republicanism  Archives and Libraries: Institutional Collections and the Sources of Cultural Memory   
8301/8304  Redefining the Roles of Women in the New York City Justice System  The Salome Myth in New York  From "Old World" Italian to "New World" Italian American in New York Architecture and Art from the 1890s Through the End of WWII 
8400/8402  Eastside, Westside and Downtown: Culture, Conflict and Societal Change in New York City Landmark Spaces  A History of Race Relations in New York City (RT)  Chinese New York (RT) 
9204  Building, Destruction, and Re-building: The Bronx in the 20th Century  New York Seen and Heard: The New York Photo League and Its Documentary Contexts, 1936-1954 (MEDIA/RT)  Crime and Immorality in the Jewish Immigrant Community: Prejudices and Realities, 1850-1920 
9205  Missing Voices: The Disjunction Between Black Experience and White Writers on Race, 1800-1865  Reframing Local Environmental Conflict   
9206  New Amsterdam/ New York City as a Seventeenth-Century Atlantic Crossroads  Parks and Politics in Modern New York City  Public Art Past and Present: Agencies and Agendas 
9207  The Culture of Commitment in New York City, 1920-1960  Mambo to Salsa: Latin Music in the South Bronx  When New York Was A Frontier