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Old York Readings and Reflections

This new series will highlight the Seymour B. Durst Old York Library, which was generously donated to the Graduate Center by the Durst family.
The late Seymour B. Durst began this famous and idiosyncratic collection in the early 1960s, and by the time he died in 1995 it filled his five-story
East Side townhouse. The collection includes about 9,000 titles, encompassing four centuries of New York City history, plus photographs, historical
maps, pamphlets, guidebooks, memorabilia, and 20,000 postcards. Most of the materials - including those featured in the gracious Seymour B.
Durst Old York Library Room - are available to researchers by appointment, while these programs, along with a developing website, will bring
aspects of the collection to the general public.



Old York Events





The Story of 42nd St: The Theatres, Shows, Characters and Scandals of the World’s Most Notorious Street
Monday, March 30, 2009, 6:30 p.m. – Recital Hall

This book, by Mary C. Henderson and Alexis Greene, documents the rise and fall of the street's historic theatres, and the street's comeback as an entertainment center. Confirmed panelists include Alexis Greene, author; Craig Morrison, theatre architect and historian; Howard Kissel, journalist, The Daily News; Milly Baranger, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Theatre Department, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Lynn Sagalyn, Professor of Business and Real Estate, Columbia University.

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Some Time in the Sun (work-in-progress): Sneak Peek Reading with John Sayles
Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 6:30 p.m. – Recital Hall

Please join award-winning film maker, screenwriter, actor and novelist John Sayles for a sneak preview reading of his forthcoming novel tentatively entitled Some Time in the Sun. The historical novel is set between 1898-1901 during the last gasp of Reconstruction and the onset of American Imperialism) It includes material set in the New York of that period -  Hell’s Kitchen, Newspaper Row, the lower East Side, Brooklyn just after it was annexed, Barren Island, and Coney Island!

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