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Immigrant Foodways Tour
Broadway and Graham, Williamsburg. Exact location will be provided a few days before the tour.

Once known for its pickles and kosher meat, today the eastern section of Williamsburg serves up herbal tea remedies from Mexico, sounds of salsa, and traditional ingredients and foods from Latin American and Caribbean countries. Based on more than 20 interviews with neighborhood residents and local business owners and original archival research, this tour explores the history of Brooklyn’s “Avenue of Puerto Rico” – once the heart of a Jewish community – and takes an in-depth look at the Moore Street Market, built in 1941 to mark the end of the pushcart era and today a centerpiece of the Spanish-speaking community. By the end, you’ll be equipped with new knowledge about Latin American and Caribbean ingredients, a postcard map of the area, a follow-up email with traditional recipes to help you recreate the tastes and smells of the market, and hopefully an appreciation for the people that have made and continue to make Williamsburg a place to call home. Tastings: Tastings on the tour (6-8 total) may include (but are subject to change) morcilla sausage, green bananas and onions, roasted pork and chicken, tamales, sancocho stew, batidos (Latin American hand-made beverages), plantains, sorullos (corn fritters), tembleque, herbal tea, and tamarind juice. With advance notice, some dietary preferences/restrictions can be accommodated. Vegetarians can be easily accommodated, while vegans will need to double up on tastings at several of the stops.

Date: March 8, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM-1:30 PM
Fees: 45

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