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#1 2012-02-07 10:40:29

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Reed St vs Reade St

While researching a different topic, I noticed that the 1811 commissioners plan lists what is known now as Reade st  as Reed st.
Was this just a typo?

Also looking for a resource for old street names such as Sugarloaf st, Collect st, Orange st and Anthony st.

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#2 2012-02-08 18:24:32

From: New York, New York
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Re: Reed St vs Reade St

Sugarloaf st. was also Provost st. (the way St. Luke's becomes Leroy and so on).   
From Collect Street (now (Centre st ) west to the Hudson River is now Franklin Street.
From Collect Street, west to Chapel Street (now West Broadway), that part was known as Sugarloaf Street, and from West Broadway west to the Hudson River it was called Provost Street. Then by 1816, it was named to honor Benjamin Franklin. 
A possible explanation for the unusual name of 'Sugarloaf' is that one of the NY's biggest industries in the early 19th c. was distilling rum, of which sugar is a major ingredient. For example we have the remnants of the Rhinelander Sugar House downtown.

The aforementioned 'Collect st' btw, is not pronounced col-LECT like the verb but COL-lect like the church service.  It's derived from a Dutch word 'kalch' and was one of the many words that were anglicized into new words like 'Brooklyn', 'Bloomingdale' and so on.

Anthony st.  is now Worth st.  It went from Hudson St east to Five Points at Orange Street but was renamed for General William Worth, a Mexican War hero, 'round about 1850.

Orange st., became Chatham Street and is now Baxter Street, renamed after Mexican-War hero Lt. Col. Charles Baxter, ca. 'round about 1850.

The city renamed the two streets to remove any stigma from the Five Points era.

hope that helps!




#3 2012-08-23 05:23:26

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Re: Reed St vs Reade St

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