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#51 2008-02-11 13:34:26


Re: French Hospital

French Hospital

The NYC Dept. of Health on Worth Street must have some information on their records.


#52 2008-02-17 19:37:23


Re: French Hospital

French Hospital

Just found this site. Very interesting. I too was born at the French Hospital on November 12, 1939, with the help of Dr. MacKenzie. We were niether French, Catholic or parents unwed.  My birth certificate also has a small picture of the building.  I was always told Babe Ruth died there and remember seeing a picture of the Babe entering the hospital for treatment. A Babe Ruth website says he died at Memorial Hospital in NY (I think it's now Sloan Kettering Memorial)


#53 2008-02-18 17:15:59


Re: French Hospital

Born there, tooo

My grandmother was a graduate of the French Hospital School of Nursing, class of 1911.  We have a photo of her graduating class -- each wore a long dress, apron, and the soft linen (not fabric-covered cardboard) French Hospital cap, and pin.I was born there in 1950, as were all of my siblings -- 1951, 1954, 1956, 1960, and 1962.  My grandmother was a patient there several times, and I remember visiting her there.  A special private room was reserved for graduates of the school, on an availability basis. I remember visiting the lovely hospital chapel with one of the (Holy Cross) sisters one time...


#54 2008-02-23 18:48:30


Re: French Hospital

Seven Days in the French Hospital

I gave birth to my son in the French Hospital in August 1963.  My husband was a foreign student from Tokyo, Japan and I had come from California.  We met at the New School for Social Research.  We had been in NYC for 2 years and were living in a 5th floor loft on West 29th St above The Old Garden restaurant a few blocks from the hospital.

(My mother told me that my grandmother had been operated on in the French Hospital during the 1920’s)  My husband and I were poor and the French Hospital had a package plan that included occasional exams and delivery in the ward for $125.  I signed up for the plan and made payments during my pregnancy.

When I was in labor my husband brought me to the hospital and we were told there was no bed for me and they sent us away.  After a few hours we returned and were told by someone at the desk that there was still no bed available…we were about to leave again when a kind woman doctor overheard and intervened on our behalf.  She ordered the desk person to give me a private room.  She later delivered my son.

After my son was born I was allowed to return to the private room but the sisters knew that I was a ward patient and treated me accordingly.  I was brought a meal and was about to eat when a sister came in and whisked the tray away saying that the meal was only for private patients and she handed me different tray meant for ward patients.

My son was not allowed to stay with me and was brought into my room for occasional nursing.  I asked to see him again to spend more time with him and was refused.  Babies were switched.  On one occasion I was brought the wrong baby…I was about to nurse him when I uncovered his head and saw very red hair and my son was mistakenly given to another mother.

I was made to feel so unwelcome in the private room that it was a radicalizing event for me.  I was never sure the rude treatment was because of our poverty or racism because we were a mixed race couple.  I remembered that the ward plan had a stipulation allowing me to remain in the hospital for 8 days (in case of medical necessity) so I decided to stay in the private room for the full 8 days.  They kept asking me to leave and I would refuse by saying that I was not feeling well enough to leave. 
I finally threw in the towel (so to speak) on day seven.  My husband came to pick me up and we were escorted downstairs where we were told that we owed a $25 balance on the bill.  There was a moment of silence as I thought they were going to keep our son as hostage but they did release him to us.   I have no fond memories of the French Hospital.


#55 2008-02-23 19:52:34


Re: French Hospital

D Tomono

Thanks for sharing that story.
I was born in 1959 at Bellevue Hospital
Did you ever consider giving birth there?
Just asking since I know my Mom didn't have lots of money so now I'm wondering what kind of plan she must have had?
Best Regards


#56 2008-03-10 12:30:21


Re: French Hospital

French Hospital

I was born there in April 1960. My sister was born there in August 1958.

My mom was a lab technician there at the time my older sister was born.

I re-discovered it on a trip into NYC a few years ago whne I drove by and saw the French Apartments sign. There was scaffolding up, but I could make out the name of the hospital which was carved into the facade.

Hello to any of you out there who were in the nursery with me.


#57 2008-04-16 13:27:15


Re: French Hospital

French Hospital

I was born in french hospital in apr of 1966 my mom used to work there from what I know in the 70's they went mom said it was from embezzlement of funds She worked there until the end in the cafeteria


#58 2008-04-27 08:57:04


Re: French Hospital

French Hospital

From 1971-73, I lived behind French Hospital, in an apartment on West 29th Street, just west of 8th Avenue. To the east were a couple of crack houses, a  Blimpie stood on the corner and then French Hospital took up much of 30th Street. I didn't know much about its history except that it seemed to be a place where gunshot and stabbing victims were frequently taken or walked into themselves, particularly on weekends. Several times I remember seeing trails of blood on the sidewalk outside the hospital's front doors.  Incidentally, the NY Times did report that Babe Ruth died there. Its in his Times obituary. 4/27/08


#59 2008-04-28 09:14:21


Re: French Hospital

French Hospital -- Babe Ruth

Oops, I was wrong. In my previous post I said Babe Ruth died at French Hospital. He did not. He died in New York's Memorial Hospital, according to the NY Times obit. But he did indeed spend time at French Hospital.


#60 2010-08-11 10:50:59

New member
Registered: 2010-08-03
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Re: French Hospital

I too was born in French Hospital in Dec of 1949.  When my mother had my brother 3/2/1947 she met Babe Ruth who was also a patient at the hospital.  I'm pretty sure he didn't die there.

Also, a friend of mine gave birth in 1970 at French, she paid $125.00 was seen regularly in the clinic and when she delivered all patients had private rooms....I thought it was cool at the time.



#61 2012-04-25 00:07:30

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Re: French Hospital

Does anyone have any information on St.Joseph's home for girls . I believe it eas located on 81si, Manhattan.  Looking for information on a family member. From 1930.  Thanks for any information




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