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#101 2006-02-07 16:04:13


Re: Flushing, anyone?

other stuff...

I also remember the hobby shop I used
to go to -- near Robert Hall somewhat.
I think it was called something like
"Aqua (something) Hobby Shop"

I used to get chemistry kits and
whatnot from there.  It was a pretty
big place.

I also got my first real stereo at
Lafayette -- Northern near Main.
I used those speakers from
1978 untill a couple years ago.


#102 2006-02-13 13:49:12


Re: Flushing, anyone?

you have got to be kidding me

a friend linked me to this site....this is sick. i grew up in fresh meadows but spent most of my time in or around flushing.

somebody mentioned dr. roguff by the old gable inn. my mother worked there for a bunch of years. that dude was crazy. i am surprised somebody lived to tell about there experiences with roguff.

i share a lot of the same places with everyone here but most of my time was spent at peck park playing handball or basketball then ringelevio at night throught he baseball feilds. sickness.

i actually just moved back to flushing...136th and 63rd road right next to the cememetary. its unbeleivably different now. its funny to think about how we were there just when it started becoming chinese / korean. its now the largest china/koreatown beating out manhatten.

i also spent alot of time on 46th ave by key food. there was a pizza place tucked in there as well as M&R's and another stationary store across the way. i spent many an allowance on 1.00 slices and 25 cent video games. then there was cinema city and the pizza place with the video games downstairs. golden axe was matered on 50 cents thank you very much.

i think i broke my tailbone 17 mjillion times riding down suicide on platic garbage in the summer me and a bud would dress up in camelflouge and sneak around through the woods of the kissena golf course and steal balls from the golfers then sell them back to them on the corner of booth memorial.

these memoried are great and i have thoroughly wasted enought time at work posting


#103 2006-02-17 01:07:37


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Question for CANATRO

Nice post!! Pretty cool that you're back in good old
By the way......Maybe you can help me find out
something I've never known: WHERE EXACTLY
As I said, I knew a guy who got hurt bad there. But
I never knew where it was.
Probably that was a good thing.   <img src="images/smile.gif">


#104 2006-02-17 19:20:40


Re: Flushing, anyone?

suicide Hill

Hi Mark...I've known suicide hill to be a hill in the Electchester houses development. The hill was a steep hill that brought you down to 164th street.  Now there is a fence there at the bottom, which wasn't there in our day.'d slide right down to 164th st. traffic.


#105 2006-02-18 00:29:21


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Memory Lane

Hey disco queen saw your posting in April'05(just found this sight)  I went to PS163, IS237 and Francis Lewis High and I'm 44 just like you. Hope your still out there we could have been neighbors.  I grew up on 157th st. I lived there till '93. This sight is great!!! such wonderful memories of home.


#106 2006-02-27 01:04:26


Re: Flushing, anyone?




#107 2006-02-27 01:46:41


Re: Flushing, anyone?

about Suicide Hill......

Thanks!! I've always sort of wondered.
Funny thing is, I went to Kissena Park a lot, and I
actually played GOLF quite a bit  --  but never
went to the Kissena golf course.


#108 2006-02-27 10:59:38


Re: Flushing, anyone?

ps 120

I went  to ps 120. My mother did a newsletter for the PTA for several years.
It was the dance festiville each year that i remeber most. I hated it. I rember some of my teachers from that school:
Mrs. Montebovie fist grade
Mrs. Joseph    second grade
Mrs. jarmack   fifth grade
I am not sure of those spellings.
Form there I went to  IS 237
Than to Franis Lewis before moving to Phoenix in 75


#109 2006-03-01 14:23:33


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Go Flushing!!!

I Graduated Francis Lewis High in 1979, and lived in Flushing till 1993 when I moved to Woodhaven.  Now I'm freezing my but off on 22 acres in Pa.  As I recall Suicide Hill was somewhere in Kissina Golf Course on the Booth Memorial Ave side Near 164th St. Never had the honor of sliding down the hill, but my friends all did it, one even broke his wrist doing it or so he claimed.


#110 2006-03-02 12:49:18


Re: Flushing, anyone?

i remember flushing

Flushing was the world to me.
I swore I'd never leave.
But I did, and I'm glad
For the Flushing I remember
I will never grieve.

I grew up in the circle of friends and family on 45th avenure, a block south of Northern Blvd. between Utopia and Auburndale Lane. You could hear the sounds of the LIRR running on the tracks on a cold winter morning. In the summer you just heard us- playing tag, talking all night on the STOOP, slurping on a melting brown bonnet cone from the CARVEL that had an open pickup window. You could hear us jingling a quarter in our hands to grab a slice of pizza from PIZZA GARDEN, I still remember their telephone number. I remember Flushing.
I remember walking to the McGoldrick Library on Depot Road with my little red wagon eager to fill it up with those musty smelling books they had.I remember walking... to PS 107, to Harry and Midge's Candy Store on 46th Avenue where my mom said the hoods hung out. I temember the "village". Sparbers Five and Dime where we all got our school supplies on the first day of school and the lady with the long painted fingernails who watched us like a hawk. They had two very cool gum dispensers on the outside of their building that had a sliding lever so you could choose your brand of Chicklets. And the horse. I rode him forever. I remember when Bohack was there and they had a front and back entrance. I remember the Habadasher where I bought my first pair of dangling pierced earrings. The pharmacy, the deli- not the one where the mean people worked, but the one next to the butcher, closer to Margarita's bakery. I remember their raspberry glazed pound cake.I remember standing on the corner waiting for the Q26 or Q27 bus to take me on a ride to MAIN STREET when I was old enough to go or to JHS 189 with my pal Rita.
I remember looking out the bus window passing by Martin's Park/Field- Addams Florist, Kissena Bowling, my Dr.Rapisardo's office, and I remember how all the Catholic's would cross themselves as we passed St. Mary's Church. The Q27 would go straight there and the Q26 would make a right turn and pass Flushing Hospital- I was born in Parsons Hospital- near the Horn and Hardart.
I remember looking at goldfish in the basement of Woolworths. I remember a shoe shine platform that accessed the subway in the basement of Woolworth's too. I remember a blind man with his accordian and pencils, who was on the sidewalk everytime I passed by. I remember when Hurdy Gurdy arrived. I remember Klein's, two Miles Shoe Stores and how mad I was at the sales clerk in WISE shoes when they wouldn't refund my money on shoes that the heel fell off of.
I remember Gertz the best. I remember the skinny hand railing on one of their escalators and a flat fat one on the other. I remember the spooky furniture floor and the elevator. I also remember being taught to never sit on a public toilet seat by my mom while in Gertz.
I remember the Long Island Room- nice restaurant,always wanted to go there but usually wound up on the other end of Main Street and the W T Grant Lunch Counter with the shelf underneath for your packages and an egg salad sandwich that arrived and left on alternating conveyor belts. I liked those orange drinks that were served in a paper cone that rested in a metal holder. Grant's had a basement full of curtains, didn'tit? And it had a shoe department on the side entrance that sold those woven shoes the old men all wore, and the fabric sandals that the old ladies all wore.I remember Roosevelt Ave and the path to the public parking lot. I remember the clock, the store surrounding it was a news stand that also sold cigars I think. I remember waiting on Roosevelt Avenue waiting for the bus to go home, buying a doughnut for the ride home, and hoping to God that my bus money (20 cents at first) would not fall into the subway grating. I remember Masters- buying elephant leg bell bottoms, culottes, and sheet music there. I remember Joyce Leslie and Lerners, I remember Gessners Jewelry where I picked out my first gold charm for my charm bracelet. I remember all right. I will never forget.
I remember dancing at St.Kevins- close, with a boy!
I remember dancing in the school yard at PS 107 on hot June days and singing with the Glee Club and going to piano lessons every Friday with the $2.50 fee in my pink ballerina lunchbox to give to Mrs. Marchese.

Flushing was the world to me.
I swore I'd never leave.
But I did, and I'm glad
For the Flushing I remember
I will never grieve.


#111 2006-03-04 18:28:35


Re: Flushing, anyone?

to Evelyn......WOW!

What a great post! You have some memory, and
some eye for detail.
I do myself, and we're from about the same time,
but I didn't remember a lot of that!!
Just to name a couple of things  --  those PAPER
CONES for the soda at Grant's, and the goldfish at
But now that you mention all that, I remember
almost all the things you listed.

And BTW I was in a league at Kissena Bowling for
a few years.
One of the others in the league was Ed Glynn, who
later pitched for the Mets and other teams.

Nice remembrances, Evelyn!!


#112 2006-03-04 19:46:07


Re: Flushing, anyone?

thanks mark

Thanks for the response Mark, sometimes I get a bit verbose, and having read all of the stuff ahead of my post, I just had to put my two cents in. Here is another pretty neat site that I just found. If you hit the discussions it might jolt some more memories. I got a kick from your mention of my attention to detail. I have always stumbled over what is right in front of me, but almost get mesmerized by what lies within. Anyway- have a great time with this- Sincerly, another Flushingite who has turned 50 and wants to go back to being 6. PS my school crossing guard was Mrs. Glynn and they used to live on 45th right by 162nd street-?-


#113 2006-03-05 12:43:23


Re: Flushing, anyone?


Suicide Hill indeed! Right at the bottom of Kissena Golf Course facing FRESH MEADOW LANE near the corner of BOOTH MEMORIAL AVENUE. I sitll have MY sled... I lost my brother's........ You got to the place south from Northern onto Auburndale Lane, which wound itself around Flushing Cemetary and Fresh Meadow Lane went straight towards what we used to know as Swamp Land. I think there were stables down by Suicide Hill at one time. I know there was Chic's Stables on Pidgeon Meadow Road by the back end of Flushing Cemetary. Kids now a days are not nearly as invinvible as we all were. I never got killed sledding! And I rode down Suicide Hill many, many times.


#114 2006-03-28 21:34:18


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Suicide Hill


     I knew Ed Glynn - he was a year or two older than me but I remember watching him pitch little league for QBH. Great fast ball. I saw him on tv one day pitching for the Mets in relief.

     I played ball for Bowne HS and we were the NYC PSAL champs my junior year - 1971. Steve Ratzer pitched a no hitter in the championship game in Yankee Stadium.

     Suicide Hill - how did it get it's name? Two stories I heard as a kid. The first was a kid rode down the hill, went under the fence and into the street, and got hit by a car. The other was the kid TRIED to go under the fence and got his neck caught and died. Either one is pretty morbid, no?

     My favorite was Ballbuster Hill, the one in the golf course at the corner of 164th and Booth. I grew up playing golf at Kissena - 75 cents a round for a "junior" (under 17). I could walk there from home at 153rd St. and 58th Ave.

     I went to PS 163 (born Sep 1954), then Campbell and Bowne. Yes, I had Mr. Skala (Google Frank Skala anytime) in 7th grade at Campbell - great teacher and influence.

     The lake at Kissena has recently been renovated and I intend to go up and see it (I am in DE now).



#115 2006-03-31 00:36:16


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Great post, Dave!

Pretty cool that you knew Ed Glynn too!
And even cooler that you played serious ball
A lot of people aren't impressed enough about
someone who was on the high school team  -- 
they don't understand what it means. I know
what it means, because I was a pretty good
ballplayer and I wasn't close to being able to make
the team.
In fact, I wasn't even good enough NOT to make
the team, so to speak.    <img src="images/smile.gif">
And it's great about your team winning that

I did google F. Skala, and it's amazing how much
comes up.
Among other things I found this pic:   http://


#116 2006-03-31 11:00:30


Re: Flushing, anyone?


I grew up on Saull st a couple of block from the Flushing Boys club on 41st road. I sent my entire childhhod there and am still in touch with dozens of friends from back then.
We have reunions every so often.
Landmarks that stick out are The Prospect movie theatre where I snuck into Jaws like 30 times. Gloria's pizza the best ever. Giaunta a close second. The RKO movie theatre. Crystal Lounge on Main St.
I went to Bowne HS. I visit my mom every week in Flushing on 149st and Roosevelt. It looks like a bomb hit my childhood.
I have great memeories from these days. Huge Mutts fan being that I lived a mile from Shea. 
Someone asked me what I thought about Flushing Queens and I said I was all for it.
Seriously though, I've lived in Manhattan for over 20 years now but I always have been proud to have grown up in Flushing.


#117 2006-04-02 01:23:49


Re: Flushing, anyone?

to sschafler....

I think you're the only one besides me who seems
to remember GIUNTA pizza!! As I said, I liked it
EVEN BETTER than Gloria. One time when I was
living in Wisconsin and making a trip with them to
NY, our first stop was Giunta, because I had been
telling them about it for a long time and they
wanted to see for themselves. They agreed it
was worth the stop.

By the way.......I lived on 149th St. and Roosevelt
Ave. myself  --  38-15 149th.


#118 2006-04-02 01:25:30


Re: Flushing, anyone?


ooops, I meant when I was making a trip from
But I guess that was obvious anyway.    <img src="images/smile.gif">
The one extra thing this site needs is an "Edit"


#119 2006-04-03 18:52:00


Re: Flushing, anyone?

good site for Flushing and the rest of old NYC

Great web site about "Forgotten New York". Has some Flushing content that is very good.


#120 2006-05-14 10:51:57


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Flushing in the 80's

Did anyone on this board grow up in Flushing during the 1980's I went to P.S 22 from K-6  and then on to J.H.S. 189 between the years of 1981 until 1990.  I grew up on the corner of 41st ave and Parsons Blvd.  Does anyone remember playing the games hot peas and butter or booty's up?  If anyone has any old 80's flushing memories email me at


#121 2006-05-22 19:27:12


Re: Flushing, anyone?




#122 2006-05-22 19:33:23


Re: Flushing, anyone?




#123 2006-07-08 13:34:58


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Murray Hill Bar

During the late 70's and early 80's, I hung out with the interstate drivers and local movers from Dane and Murphy's Moving & Storage.  The old warehouse and truck scale was the large building next to the LIRR tracks. Sadly, the Murray Hill and Dane and Murphy's have since closed.  We had some wild times in that little bar. 


#124 2006-07-14 09:05:13


Re: Flushing, anyone?

P.S. 120

Yes, P.S. 120 -- I went there.  One year my class was the first to submit our dental completion forms so Mr. Barckman, the principal, gave us each a ride around the playground on his motor scooter!


#125 2006-08-03 13:21:18


Re: Flushing, anyone?


I also went to PS 120..
Mrs. Montebovie first grade, Mrs. Joseph    second grade and then we moved to Forest Hills.
I remember being called to the principal's office (Mr. Barckman?) where he proceeded to pull out my front tooth (it was very loose). Forest Hills was a very different world.



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