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#1 2004-06-08 01:54:28


Flushing, anyone?

I grew up on 147th street & northern in
Flushing.  I'd love to see if anyone
remembers any of the great stuff kids in
the 60s & 70s did back then.


#2 2004-06-11 00:26:25


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Downtown Flushing in the 70's

Although I lived in Fresh Meadows, in the
70's I would enjoy taking the Q17 bus to
Main Street to go shopping. There was a
store on Roosevelt Avenue called
"Diskin's" -- they sold among other things,
these high-waisted bell bottom jeans with
big pockets in the front and back. Also
there was a very cool store called
Ronnie's or Ronny's-- the owner, Ronny,
(not surprising) was this high-strung
young man probably in his early 30's-- he
was not too tall and slim, and seemed
very business-driven. The store had
these odd- lot items of clothing and
shoes-- it reminds me of the stuff you can
get at Daffy's nowadays-- they would
have, for example, these suede jackets in
wierd colors, and strange (but wonderful)
blouses, sweater and pants, all without
I remember Alexander's, the now-defunct
department store. They had god prices.
Wise Shoes was on Roosevelt Avenue;
the exterior of the store had these bright
orange tiles.
There was a record store on Main St.-- I
forgot the name of it-- but there was this
guy named Dave who seemed to know
about the latest inside stuff, played on you remember the
Woolworth's? They had  a counter with
stools where you could get a hotdog.
Last but not least: on Horace Harding
around 159th St. in the 70's was the then
newly-opened Queens Health Emporium.
It was just a corner store (I remember the
previous store was Penny Lane Hair
Salon!-- or was that the store next to it?) .
It was  very earthy and was run by a
bearded young man named Barry Mesh
who had one prosthetic leg. He was on a
mission to convert everyone to a vegan
diet-- when I would buy some potato
chips (albeit the organic kind) he would
stare me down at the register! The
Queens Health Emporium is now owned
by a woman named Sally (for quite awhile
now) and it extends over at least three
storefronts. It is highly successful.


#3 2004-06-12 20:06:31


Re: Flushing, anyone?


Being male I dont recall too many of the clothing stores or what they sold.

I do remember Glorias Pizza - without any doubt the best pizza ever made. the pizzeria was as big as a shoe box and most of the time you had to stand and eat at the side counter. Place was always packed!!!

- The Clam Bar on Main and Roosevelt!!! I would go in there and order a small glass of beer for 35 cents just to have a warm place to stay while waiting for the Q17 bus on winter nights. Great hot dogs with onions which they purposely cooked in the front window so the aroma would go out and attract business. great clientelle at night.

Being a head in the 70's - Jolly Joint - what a trip - that store had all kinds of great paraphenalia. there was another head shop (remember that term!!) directly across the street from Jolly Joint.

of course - The Prospect theatre and the RKO Keiths. Always sneaking into another part of the theatre at the Keiths to see another movie. Came out of one movie stopped at the candy counter and went into another - pretty simple caper. Prospect was much tougher.

Gyro Place - smaller than Glorias pizza - but great Gyros.

typical male - I remember mainly the food places.


#4 2004-06-14 22:24:20


Re: Flushing, anyone?


There was a pony ride place on the northwest corner of 164th Street and Oak Avenue, across from Kissena Park, called the Oak-K-Corral. It was a small one-story house with a wood-railed course. A "ranch-hand" would guide your pony as you rode.

Meanwhile, on Main Street, Gloria's pizza was going head-to-head with Barone. The Jolly Joint just got the latest velvet-textured Zeppelin poster in (Zoso!), as the Prospect and RKO were being carved into three theaters each. Meanwhile, I'm debating on whether to go to the Wiz--upstairs to buy a 45 or downstairs for a new stylus that will fit my Fisher Studio Standard.


#5 2004-06-14 22:26:17


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Main and Roosevelt

Just remembered, it was the Main Tavern by the 17 stop for a dog and a short one.


#6 2004-10-31 11:54:12


Re: Flushing, anyone?


I remember quite a lot about Flushing, although some of my memories are second- and third-hand, having come through stories told by my mother and grandmother, both Flushing born (as was I).  Meeting under the clock, going to Woolworth's and taking photos in the booth, Gloria Pizza, etc.  Alas, to paraphrase The Pretenders, my city is gone.  I am the only family member still in Queens (excluding those resting in peace in various cemeteries), but I am not in Flushing.
It is strange to wander Main Street/Roosevelt Avenue, saying to friends, "here is where Jahn's was," this is where Grant's was, this was where all the girls went to get (or window shop for) Fred Braun shoes, this was Korvettes, and before that, here stood a most amazing convent/school, and this orange-brick church St. Michaels, replaced a falling-down brown church by the railroad where my great-grandparents married."  I catch myself babbling, sounding like an old crank, and wonder who cares about these things?   You, dear readers? 


#7 2004-12-06 01:25:49


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Way Back When

what we didn't know then...and what we think of now...i guess we all take our child hoods for granted.....until now of course....growing up in of five kids....and that was about an average family size way back when....our house was located on negundo ave and bowne street.... 5 blocks up from kissena park....way too many stories... going to school(St.Mary's)...(Parsons Blvd)Ryskinds Candy Store, The German Deli....John's pizzera....where I think we allowed to walk to these places with our friends at the age of 5 or at the most 6 with never a worry......Kissena park where we would spend countless, playing ball,ice skating,sledding(until we were old enough to go to the 'big hills at the golf course>Suicide HILL)......Ripe old age of 13 buying beer and wine and hang out by the parky house by the tennis courts....or if we were being real stupid and drinking beer on the "WALL" on Oak and Bowne...... always having something to do....someone to play with or just hangout everywhere.....funny...going on vacation with your family and leaving the front door wide open for 7 days and no one entered the stories...always something to do....going to Shea to watch the METS for a buck 35...and walking there...well gotta go to sleep and dream of the good ole days...have to get up early and get the kids off to school...cya and remember!!! 


#8 2004-12-12 23:48:55


Re: Flushing, anyone?

kissena park area

This trip down memory lane is awesome! I lived near the golf course. Would walk through "the lots" as a shortcut to Francis Lewis. Climbing through the holes in the fence to sleigh ride on Suicide Hill was great. Going down the hill on car hoods. What a blast.And ice skating on the lake. Or going out on the lake in a rowboat in the nice weather.Martins park was the place in the early 70s. Id kill my kids if they do what we did then! Main St was a quick trip on the 65. Glorias Pizza-a quarter for a slice and a small soda. Diskins where you would get cool clothes.Gertz had the nice big rest room with couches where you could relax if you were in Main St. when you were supposed to be at Lewis.Ill keep thinking about the old neighborhood.


#9 2004-12-15 02:46:46


Re: Flushing, anyone?


I remember suicide hill!

We had a Hitler Hill off of
35th Avenue near 147th (I grew
up on 147th and Northern).  We'd
sled there in the winter.

Do you remember the Horn and
Hardart on Northern?  Both my
grandmother and mother worked
there until it closed in the 70s.  I
spent lots of time there as a kid.

There was a Master's Department
store on Main Street, and also
a clothing store (Janice) that I bought
all those crazy 70s clothes at.  I think
it is still there!!  The Dunkin Donuts
on Nothern & 147th was there when
I was a 5 year old in 1966 -- and still
there!  The place across the street
was a wetson's and then a nathan's
and now some kind of market. 

Wow!  I do remember Diskins!  I bought
all my Sweet Orr pants there (remember

There was a Nedick's at Main & Northern.
The record store right near there I also
remember, but cannot remember the

There was a Karl Ehmer on Roosevelt.
We went there quite a bit as my mom is
from Germany.

Does anyone remember the DiMaggio's
restaurant between 147th & 149th on
Northern?  There was also a
hardware/toy store - Eisenstadts.
This was a fixture from my childhood -
as were the restaurants - Lums,
Tai Tung, Louies.

Ah, those were fun days!!!!!


#10 2004-12-29 01:21:04


Re: Flushing, anyone?



     I am in DE now but grew up in Flushing, 153rd street and 58th Avenue, close to Kissena Park. I remember EVERYTHING! PS 163, Ps 218 (Campbell) and Bowne HS. Adventurer's Inn, Whitestone Lanes, JIB Lanes, The Keiths when it was just ONE screen  :~) and had an Arabian Nights motif, Gloria's Pizza of course, the 25/34 or the Q17 bus, Suicide Hill AND Ballbuster Hill ( at the corner of 164th and Booth in the golf course), the Meadows theater (nice), Parsons theatre, Main Street theater, Prospect theater, Jahns and the Thing  :~), before they built the Expressway (!), Kissena Park Lake and "walking the pipe", throwing snowballs at the buses ( and occasionally the driver stopping and chasing us down and bawling us out!), Booth Memorial Hospital (I worked in the kitchen two summers during college), the World's Fair (!!), Flessels in College Point, the Mets at Shea, ringaleevio every summer night during elementary school, little league baseball (QBH), the library at Main and Kissena, the YMCA on Northern Blvd, Bohacks, King Cullen, Pomonock, I guess I could go on all night. dave c.


#11 2004-12-31 21:42:43


Re: Flushing, anyone?


Karen - I am 52 years old, grew up in Fresh Meadows also. I went to PS26, Ryan JHS and Francis Lewis High School. I used to take the Q17 to Flushing. I remember the record store all the way down Main Street almost at Northern Boulevard - I bought the single of John Lennon's Instant Karma there. We used to go to Diskin's (wasn't it called Diskin's Naked Grape?) I bought my 1968 New Year's Eve outfit there - a vintage black velvet dress with gold sequins and big shoulder pads. Also, Ronnie's on Main Street that had a great shoe department and really cool clothes. And Gloria's Pizza that was tops on my pizza list for years. I went out with a guy who's older brother lived in a loft above the RKO Keith. We would cut school and go to his place to hang out and we could hear movies going on through the walls. I have to say though, I was always too intimidated to go into the clam bar. When I would take the bus back hom, I would always read the names of the streets (named after trees and flowers) and try to remember the name of the next one since they were in alphabetical order. I don't live in Queens anymore, nor does my family, and reading all of these stories about Queens was a jolt (a pleasant one though)


#12 2005-01-04 14:45:07


Re: Flushing, anyone?


I grew up in Flushing but I am now a adopted Texas Native. I spent my early years on Blossom Ave. I loved the Worlds Fair as I was just five when it open I thought i would be there for ever. But when it ended we all enjoyed the prk that was left. I attene ps 120, and Rachel Carson I.S. The first year that it was open and we onley had a seventh grade. During that summer we moved to 147th and northern blvd. I attend I.S.237 for 8th and 9th grade. I attend Frace Lewis HS for my 10th grade before moving to Arizona.

I enjoyed the park and the Botanical Gardens on Main street. Two summers I had a youth garden in the park we worked on it every sat. form spring until fall.

I played little leauge baseball for the Flushing Mets. Yes I do remeber Dimaigo's on Nothern blvd.It was a family type place. I meet serveral of the new york met there and they were happy to meet with fans and to sign an autograh them back in tha day.(boy I feel old.)does any rember Herty gerty- the hot dog shop on Roosevlt by the subway station. We would meet mom there afterwork when she got off of the subway had dinner than would shop and walk home.

Yea, times have changed we could run tought any of the parks till 10:00pm or later on weekends. Take bus all over like visitng friends in bay terrace and taking the last bus at midnight.

Now i have to drive my teenagers every where it seems as times have changed and buses in texas are a joke!!!!


#13 2005-01-16 13:14:39


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Flushing / Kissena Park

I remember Flushing & have great memories of it. I lived near Kissena (46th Ave & 160th) where I ice skated, fished, played army, rode my bike, climbed trees & played in the playground. I went to St Mary's until my family moved in 1968.

I remember Ryskind's candy store on Parsons, John's Candy Store on the corner of 46th & 161st St, the Oak K Corral was about 2 blocks from John's. The
Kissena Bowling Alley & Picnic grounds behind it.

In the Main Street Area I remember Gertz' Dept Store, the RKO movie, Lum's (I think) Chinese Restaurant, Woolworth's with the conveyor belt from the kitchen. I belonged to the Flushing YMCA (Roosevelt Ave) and went there on the Q45 Bus(I think) from home & back on Saturdays and after school on Wed in 3rd Grade ALONE! Unimaginable now isn't it?

Didn't realize how good I had it then. I have 6 year old twin girls, my fishing buddies and I bring them to Kissena Park to fish once or twice every summer. It looked like they're starting to maintain the park again and improve it some.


#14 2005-02-01 17:22:44


Re: Flushing, anyone?


Anyone from the Robinson, Union, Cherry Avenue crew out there....I lived there from 62-84 and spent many a night on the streets...


#15 2005-02-03 00:42:01


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Ah, the memories!

I lived at 149 St. and Roosevelt Ave. in the '50's
and '60's, and I remember most of the places you
all are talking about.

DiMaggio's restaurant/bar  --  As a kid, I wondered
(naively) whether the famous DiMaggio worked
there, and one time I peeked in, and convinced
myself that the guy behind the bar was him.  LOL

Kissena Bowling Academy  --  Went there a lot,
was in a league there for a few years.

Gloria Pizza  --  Yes indeed. But I thought GIUNTA
Pizza was even better  --  it was the one next to
the Prospect, was called Triple Nickel Pizza until
the early ''60's when it became Giunta; later on it
became Popeye's, God knows what's there now!

And yes  --   Jahn's, Woolworth's......
And what about HURDY GURDY? It was sort of a
food court before the concept even existed.

Nice thread,  everybody!


#16 2005-02-04 07:04:50


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Flushing Fantastic

I too remember Flushing with very fond memories!!!!
   Ahhhhh...Kissena Park, the O-K-Corral, the dock, the swamp and Suicide Hill!!!
   I went to St. Marys from 1958 to 1966. The RKO, Diskins, Ronnies Clothing Store, Woolworths.....all bring back fond memories....Check out this great Web Site that has all of that in there...
                     Carol From Poplar Ave.   

There is also a Yahoo group site where a lot of the people from that area and era post on a regular basis.
   If you go into Yahoo and click on groups then key in a group search it is called "Kissena Crew". Enjoy........ 


#17 2005-02-04 09:02:43


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Kissena Crew

Kissena Park – Kissena Bowling (KBA) – mid ‘50’s through early 70’s - Everyone from near the park (especially the Oak Ave side (North) come and meet many of the people you may know.
At the “Kissena Crew”
or here too:

Fred Valis


#18 2005-02-04 09:06:07


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Johns candy store

I lived on 161st off 46th ave. I was born in parsons hospital. Then we moved to 46th Ave and 161st when my father bought the candy store. Johns was a great place as was flushing at that time my cousin or his father owned the butcher shop on the same corner. My cousin and I would as kids get a loaf of bread and go to Kissena park and fish all day. The only thing you had to worry about when you left your stuff by the lake to walk the drain or go in the swamps was someone reeling in your fish. Yes we used to leave our house open all the time.


#19 2005-02-04 09:16:45


Re: Flushing, anyone?

46th @ 161 st

Kissena Park – Kissena Bowling (KBA) – mid ‘50’s through early 70’s - Everyone from near the park (especially the Oak Ave side (North) come and meet many of the people you may know.
At the “Kissena Crew”
or here too:

I lived at 46th Ave and 161st, near KBA.  I’m 56 now and left that area when I joined the USN 1967.  Went to St. Mary’s, Bishop Reilly, Flushing HS (and a few others, although I rarely actually went inside).

I’d love to find a photo of the picnic ground behind Kissena Bowling Alley (KBA), and one of “Whitestone Pool”. And the Hurdy Gurdy across from the clock.
Anyone from this area will enjoy the pages above.  Just copy/past the URL’s and come visit.  Tons of photos from back then.  Come by and visit.

Fred Valis


#20 2005-02-04 09:27:24


Re: Flushing, anyone?


I STILL live in Flushing...on 171st and 45th Ave. I went to Francis Lewis HS...graduated in 1969...I worked part time in a grocery store on Northern Blvd. and 172nd Street called Elnor and Pike...anyone remember that?
I made $20.00 a week...with that twenty, I would go downtown to Main Street some hot pants at Ronnies...then spend the rest at the Jug Little Neck on Northern Blvd...I bought my first white goat skin coat (1972) at Ronnies for $100...whew, that was a lot of money then. ...Gloria Pizza was a $1.25 for a slice and a coke...remeber Hurdy Gurdy's! I also remember Jan's Ice Cream Parlor and sharing the "Kitchen Sink" with my friends...we never finished it!


#21 2005-02-04 09:27:31


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Kissena Park

Let’s see if links work here. Kissena Park? Visit the “Kissena Crew”  <A HREF=”“ Yahoo- KISSENA CREW </A>
or here too:


#22 2005-02-04 09:31:03


Re: Flushing, anyone?

try again

Let’s try the links again. Kissena Park? Visit the “Kissena Crew” 
<A HREF=”“> Yahoo- KISSENA CREW </A>
or here too:


#23 2005-02-04 09:34:22


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Gloria pizza

Theres a pizza place in New Hyde Park call LaVera on Hillside Ave by Marcus Ave, anyway the owner is glorias grandson, he had the pizza place on roosevelt ave up by where kliens was but on the north side of the street. He makes the exact same pizza.


#24 2005-02-04 10:06:00


Re: Flushing, anyone?

John's & Mett's

Wow Ricky
I see you made the trip.  WHat I remember best about you old man's store were the eggcreams.  The best.  And it was the place to replace that lost pennsy pinkie.  Oops!  Almost forgot the "lime rickie"

Fred Valis


#25 2005-02-04 11:13:50


Re: Flushing, anyone?

Kissena Park in the mid 70's

George___46yrs.____Fresh Meadows<P>I grew up across the street from the golf course, by the pipe yard, walking distace to the park.</P>I remember the horse trail that ran down beween golf course and the pipe yard to Kissena park.<p>The path was like 10yds. wide and had beach sand paving it with piles of horse manua along the trail.<P/>At the park there was the "Spoon" (a place to grab a snack).
Next to it was the Pony rides. An attendant would lead the pony around a small enclosure.
All that is gone now. New homes built on that corner.
The horse path is gone too. Paved over by a bike path.<P/>But the horse barn "Chicks" is still here.The horses come by along the side of the golf course occationaly.</P>Visit my site at:  <A HREF="">Kissena</A>



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