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722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York
by Clifton Hood
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press 1995
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New York City's rapid transit system, the longest in the world, was built between 1904 and 1940, and initially was operated as three separate lines (Interborough Rapid Transit, or IRT; Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit, or BMT; and the Independent System, or... >
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Aerosol Kingdom: Subway Painters of New York City
by Ivor Miller
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi 2001
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Derided as graffiti by outsiders, hailed as "writing" by the artists themselves, spray-can art glowed as a whole new art genre in the 1970s. Its practitioners made New York City's subway cars their moving canvas. Though helpless in checking its... >
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Building Gotham: Civic Culture And Public Policy In New York City, 1898-1938
by Keith D Revell
Publisher: John Hopkins University Press 2002
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In 1898, the New York state legislature created Greater New York, a metropolis of three-and-a-half million people, the second largest city in the world, and arguably the most diverse and complex urban environment in history. In this far-ranging study,... >
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By the El, Third Avenue and Its El at Mid-Century
by Lawrence Stelter (Author), Lothar Stelter (Photographer)
Publisher: 2007
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This is a handsomely produced paperback of vivid photos and old-timers' reminiscences of the Third Avenue Elevated trains that dominated the skyline of Manhattan and the Bronx. Its 200+ photos are mostly from the years shortly before the El was abandoned... >
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The City Beneath Us: Building the New York Subway
by Vivian Heller
Publisher: W.W. Norton 2004
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THERE HAVE BEEN, and will be, other books on the New York City subway system, but none have had access to the wonderful photographic prints from the collections of the New York Transit Museum that are presented in this volume. Made from 8 x 10-inch glass... >
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Evolution Of New York City Subways: An Illustrated History Of New York City's Transit Cars, 1867-1997
by Gene Sansone
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press 2002
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
A collaborative labor of love by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the New York Transit Museum, Gene Sansone's Evolution of New York City Subways: An Illustrated History of New York City's Transit Cars, 1867-1997 -- now available from the... >
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New York's Forgotten Substations: The Power Behind The Subway
by Christopher Payne
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press 2002
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All over New York City, hidden behind unassuming historic facades, sits the gigantic machinery of the power stations that once moved the subways. For over a century, the 125,000-pound converters and related equipment of the substations remained largely... >
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Subwayland: Adventures In The World Beneath New York
by Randy Kennedy
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin 2004
Avg Rating: (0 reviews)
Arranged as a travelogue, this funny and insightful book takes us deep inside the exotic, subterranean land that is the New York subway, revealing: -Its inhabitants: The Tango Man; the traveling magician; and Mayor Bloomberg -Its wildlife: The... >
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Taking The Train: How Graffiti Art Became An Urban Crisis In New York City
by Joe Austin
Publisher: Columbia University Press 2002
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In the 1960s and early 1970s, young people in New York City radically altered the tradition of writing their initials on neighborhood walls. Influenced by the widespread use of famous names on billboards, in neon, in magazines, newspapers, and... >
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